Ívar Hauksson is Head Professional af Mar Menor Golfresort and shares his professional expertise on how to improve your swing!

Ívar, a fully qualified AA P.G.A. Professional teaching and playing, recogniced by the European PGA, believes that the majority of golfers have only ever reached no more than 80% of their potential.

He believes that, given the right coaching in the right environment, a motivated golfer can achieve a figure of 90% in a very short timeframe.

 Ívar found that he has a passion for golf and passion for forwarding his knowledge to his clients.  




  • Fully Qualified AA P.G.A. Professional - teaching and playing.
  • Qualification Recognised by the European P.G.A.
  • Qualified Playing Professinal in Spanish P.G.A.
  • Member in P.G.A. of Spain.
  • Member in P.G.A. of Andaluzia.
  • Member in P.G.A. of Iceland.
  • Member in E.P.G.A.
  • In the game of golf since 1968.
  • Club Champion more than 10 times.
  • Many years experience as Teacher and Coach.
  • Winner of many Competitions in Iceland.
  • Various Course Records.
  • Cicuite Champion.
  • National Teenage Champion.
  • Played several times in the National Team.
  • Played in International Team Championship.
  • Murcia Champion in Spain.
  • Won open longest drive competition 349 Mtr.
  • World Cup Champion in World Cup Teachers Cup.
  • Course held by Spanish P.G.A. in Biomacanics in La Quinta.
  • Course in Aimpoint with Mark Sweeney putting coach.
  • Made DVD about Course Management.
  • Fully Qualified Personal Fitness trainer from U.S.A.

There is not just one way to master your golf swing to get a result.  Everybody is different, and even though things are done differently, it does not mean that it is wrong, there are many ways of going from A to B.

Your swing can never be better than what your physical ability allows.

At the end of the day, we like to be square at impact to the ball when we strike it and the approach will differ between individuals.

Most of the time, mistakes arise from bad habits made before the swing such as the beginning grip, posture, alignment or ball position and bad shots very often are not made in the swing, but in the errors made before the shot.

My aim is to work on and improve what you have and what you can do, but not try to make you do something unrealistic which you will never be able to do.

Some people may have back problems, hip problems, shoulder problems, knee problems etc. and as an experienced professional I will find a swing which can work for that individual even though it may not be by the book 100%, but it works, and the main thing is to improve your swing and improve your enjoyment playing this fantastic game!