This is what some of my Pupils say about my coaching !

After our excellent previous experiences, we decided to visit Benalup for the 6thtime!  This time we came specifically to take golf lessons from Ivar. We booked four days with him. Every day we started with two hours technique  on the driving  range, pitching area, chipping area or putting green. After a picnic lunch on the terrace, we continued for two hours on the golf course, where we tried to put in practice what we were taught. Ivar commented on our technique, on course management and anything else that came up. His quality as a teacher combined with his enthusiasm provided us with all the ingredients to improve our game and have lots of fun at the same time. This was the third time we had taken lessons from Ivar and again it was time and money well spent! We can recommend Ivar to all golfers, irrespective of their handicaps, who wish to improve their game and have a great time. We will return….

Henri van den Meijdenberg, Marijke Lambers and Nicoline Lambers - 17/06/2013

Golf experience: our time with PGA Ívar Hauksson at FairPlay Benalup/Spain in March 2013.

First of all, this is one of the best golf trainings and coachings we have ever had. We spend more than twenty hours together (this was our second time with him). Starting from the basics, ending on course management. Covering topics like club fitting, putting, lob shots, drives, green reading etc..
Ívar as a trainer, always open for questions and the right eye what will be best for us at the moment, let us took part in his wide and (personally spoken) vast knowledge and experience. Without being pushy there will always be room to improve or a tip what to change. And he know about it.
Not the last time we've booked a training package.

Marcel Kaufmann, Cologne/Germany, April 2013

Marcel Kaufmann, Cologne/Germany, April 2013 - 04/04/2013

Dear Ívar,

Passionate about golf as we are, we have really enjoyed your golflessons over the 2012 X-mas holidays.

Seeing the enormous improvement after only three lessons with you in January 2012, we were very eager to go through all the strokes with you this time. In five efficient lessons, you were able to improve our technique and increase our self confidence. We liked the way you took your time to explain how a stroke should be executed and especially why so. This helped us to think it through ourselves and improved our game a lot. It is amazing how much  one can achieve in such a short time with a dedicated pro as you are! Thanks as well for your time and effort to fit Henri’s clubs. Now we only have to wait  for a weather change in Holland, so that we can put in place our practice!
We’ll be back….

Kind regards, Nicoline Lamberts and Henri van den Meijdenberg.

Nicoline and Henri - 07/01/2013

Hi Ivar,

Update will remind us we once wanted to start playing golf, before ending under a ton or work and new projects. Anyway we think from time to time about our fantastic golf class with you at Fairplay, and recommended Fair Play Golf Hôtel and your golflessons to friends just last week (serious golfers) .
Hope we will renew the experience not to far away from today....

Hope you and your family are well too.

Kathleen Steuperaert - 07/01/2013

Dear Ívar,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I would recommend Ivar's services to everybody. 
Ivar is a very dedicated, proffesional teacher who can worked with us on our game from many angles. I think Ivar has a very good eye for the technical side of the game but also on a mental and physical level Ivar is a great cooach who works structured, well organized, always well prepared and last but not least Ivar is great company and good fun to be around."

Martijn van Paradijs - 07/01/2013


I want to let you know the bunker lesson you gave me last Sunday really paid off this Saturday. I Was playing the first nine holes on my homecourse and I hit me second shot into the left green side bungker like I had done so many times before. However, this time rather than getting 8 like I usually do, I hit the ball out of the bunker the first time with the ball stopping less than 25 cm from the hole. The pin was in the middle og the green, about 15-20 m away, Ivar you are a CRACK, thanks a lot.

Mike Anderson - 07/01/2013

Hi Ívar

I just want to thank you very very much for fantastic lessons and time with you. It was great to learn from you as teacher with good spirit and clear explanations and I had a lot of fun learning with you, it is very clear that you know how to approach your students to let them learn. Your are much more than a teacher you are fantastic psychologist, I hope to see you again.

Thanks and all the best.

Michael - 07/01/2013

I have had many lessons but when I started to see Ívar my whole outlook on the game and technique changed dramically to the extent that after only 3 months, I now play off 9 instead of 20! Many thanks Ívar.

James Hammond - 28/11/2012